YouTube: Psy’s ‘Gentleman’ one of the biggest video launches ever


Another song, another record -- that’s how it’s going for Psy.

After setting the record for most YouTube views ever with “Gangnam Style” last year, Psy followed up with the single “Gentleman” this month, and it took the new video just a day to start breaking records of its own.

According to YouTube, “Gentleman” notched more than 38 million views April 14, taking the record for most views on a single day away from 2012 viral video KONY 2012. That video previously held the record with 31 million views on one day, according to the video site.


Not surprisingly, the music video also made its debut on YouTube’s music chart at No. 1, pushing predecessor “Gangnam Style” down to No. 2 on the chart. Additionally, “Gentleman” also became April’s top rising search on YouTube, peaking April 15, but YouTube says the video has remained high ever since.

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“From a stats perspective, it’s one of the biggest music video launches the Web has ever seen,” YouTube said Monday.

“Gentleman” took off so quickly that it reached 100 million views in less than four days. For comparison, it took “Gangnam Style” almost two months to reach that same milestone, according to YouTube.

The music video is now at nearly 204 million views, which is pretty impressive, but whether or not it can catch up to “Gangnam Style’s” 1.5 billion views remains to be seen.


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