Facebook tests statuses with emoticons


If you’re the kind of person who likes to send text messages using emoticons, then you’re going to like Facebook’s latest feature.

The social network began letting a small number of its users post statuses this week that include small and colorful icons, similar to the emoticons people often use in text messages, emails and on Facebook chat.

The company said the test feature allows users to “share how they’re feeling and what they’re doing more visually,” according to a company spokeswoman.


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Screenshots of the test feature show one user saying he’s happy the 49ers are in the Super Bowl along with a star-eyed smiley face and a note that says he’s “feeling ecstatic.” Another image shows a user status about a movie he watched along with a small film clapperboard icon.

There’s no word on whether this test will be expanded to all of Facebook’s users.


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