Google to open its own retail stores this year, report says

Google plans to open its own retail stores this year, a report says.
(Kimihiro Hoshino / AFP/Getty Images)

It started with Apple stores. Then came Microsoft stores.

Are Google stores next?


The Silicon Valley company hopes to open retail stores in time for this year’s holiday shopping season, according to a report by 9to5Google, which cites an unnamed source.

According to the report, Google’s leaders have decided retail stores are necessary for the eventual launch of Google Glass -- eyeglasses with capabilities similar to that of smartphone.

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To attract regular consumers -- and not just hard-core tech users -- Google believes it needs to let people try out Google Glass in person, the report says. That’s what Apple does with its products at its stores.


Besides Google Glass, the stores would also sell Chrome computers and Google Nexus smartphones and tablets.

The report doesn’t specify where or when these stores might open, except to say they will be located in major U.S. metropolitan areas.


Google could not be reached for comment.



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