Ever see a car do a back flip? Watch this

Guerlain Chicherit back-flips a Mini at a winter sports resort in Tignes, France.

There are a variety of ways that companies can stir up attention.

Some employ a daredevil to jump from 24 miles above the Earth. Some hire a supermodel to swap saliva with an archetypal nerd during the Super Bowl. Still others, like Mini, have a driver back-flip a car amid snow-covered mountain ranges.


In a stunt that the company calls the first automotively propelled back flip “to execute a perfect landing,” race car driver Guerlain Chicherit took to the winter sports resort of Tignes in his native France on a specially prepared track.

Watch below as Chicherit, 34, barrels up a static ramp, back-flips the car and lands on a fresh bed of snow.

“He also did it ‘unassisted’ -- in other words, without the aid of a special ramp with moving elements to boost the car’s rotational movement,” the company said.


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