CES 2013: SwingTip digital golf coach uses motion sensor tech


LAS VEGAS -- One ounce: the difference between you and Tiger Woods?

Could be, according to Mobiplex Inc., a Silicon Valley company showcasing at the Pepcom-sponsored Digital Experience event Monday night during the CES convention in Las Vegas.

The business’ SwingTip device is small – weighing about one ounce and roughly the size of a USB flash drive – and slides into a lightweight holster that clamps onto any golf club.


But for its Santa Clara maker, the selling point is the gadget’s ability to track and analyze users’ golf swings using motion sensors. SwingTip then wirelessly transmits 3-D animations of the golfer’s movements via Bluetooth to iOS or Android mobile devices.


The tool can gauge swing path and speed, club face angle, impact zone and more. The metrics are broken out individually into a scorecard and also used to compile an animated video tutorial showing the swing from three different angles.

SwingTip stays charged through a full round of golf and turns itself off when not in motion.

But the convenience of having a golf coach attached to your club won’t come cheap – Mobiplex wants $129.99 apiece. The product began shipping in the fall from retailers such as and the PGA Superstore.

The company, founded in 2010, said it has raised $4.4 million in financing so far for its technologies.


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