German bank worker dozes, accidentally transfers millions to retiree


The supervisor of a German bank worker who fell asleep at the computer and accidentally transferred nearly $300 million to a retiree’s account got her job back after winning the case in court Tuesday.

Her employee, a clerk, had dozed off and accidentally hit the number “2” key 11 times, sending €222,222,222.22 to an account of a retired pensioner, according to the Agence France Presse.

The correct amount that should have been sent? €62.40 (or about $82.60).

Unfortunately for the retiree, the bank rectified the mistake soon afterward. It also fired the supervisor for failing to spot the error, claiming that she didn’t carefully check the transfer payments and therefore deceived her bosses, the report said.


The supervisor took her case to court and pointed out that her job entailed quickly checking hundreds of documents, the report said. That meant spending only seconds scanning each one.

The labor court called the error “a terrible mistake” but ruled the supervisor never intended to cause “deliberate harm” to the bank. The court ordered that she be given her old job back.


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