YouTube does Harlem Shake with surprise ‘Easter egg’

You’ve seen the Harlem Shake on YouTube, but have you seen YouTube do the Harlem Shake?

The popular online video service has added a fun Easter egg, which is a virtual hidden feature, to its website. Now, when users search for “Do the Harlem Shake” on YouTube, the site itself will do the viral dance.

Much like the meme, which involves one person dancing alone until he or she is suddenly joined by everyone else on camera, the YouTube Easter egg starts with music suddenly playing on the website and the site’s logo gyrating.

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Then, about 15 seconds later, the song’s bass drops and the rest of the website starts dancing. Video results, their descriptions, and the site’s left-hand column all begin to move to the song. And YouTube did a really good job too, adding a bit of a slowdown to the dancing near the end of the song, similar to what many people do on their Harlem Shake videos.


The small but enjoyable Easter egg was pointed out Thursday night on Twitter by Hunter Walk, a product manager at YouTube and Google.

“Oh, YouTube has always been good with the Easter Eggs,” he tweeted with a link to the Easter egg.

Google, which owns YouTube, is known for adding these types of hidden treats from time to time. For example, if you go to and search for “Do a barrel roll,” a term from the video game “Star Fox 64,” the entire website spins.


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