Amazon creates 'Send to Kindle' button for quickly saving articles has introduced a way for users to quickly save and send news articles as well as other items to their Kindle devices for later, off-line reading.

"The Send to Kindle Button lets people easily send that content to their Kindle so they can it read later," Amazon said in a statement. "No more hunting around for that website or blog that caught your eye – just open your Kindle and all the content you sent is right there."

The new feature can be added by users in a variety of ways. Amazon has made it possible for users to send items to their Kindles through Web browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox, as a feature that can be installed on Macs or PCs, from Google Android mobile devices, or from users' emails.

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Additionally, website owners can add a Send to Kindle button to their pages. The company has also made it possible for Wordpress website owners to add the new feature as a plug-in.

The new feature for Kindle, the popular e-reader device that also comes as an app for mobile devices, isn't a completely new idea.

Instapaper, for example, is an independent app that has offered this type of service for years. The Apple Reading List feature for the Safari Web browser is another feature that competes in this area. However, with so many Kindle users, the Send to Kindle feature could gain traction fast.


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