Google is also working on a smartwatch, following Apple, Samsung

Concept of the Apple iWatch.
(Yrving Torrealba / For The Times)
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First Apple. Then Samsung. Now Google?

The Mountain View, Calif., tech company is the latest tech giant rumored to be working on a smart wristwatch, according to a report Thursday by the Financial Times.

The device is rumored to be under development by Google’s Android unit, which builds the operating system used by many smartphones and tablets. That means that unlike Google Glass, the company’s smartphone-like glasses that are being built by Google X, the rumored Google smartwatch may be see as more of a viable product, according to the Verge.

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Google did not comment on the smartwatch, according to the Financial Times, but the report points out a 2011 patent the company holds for a smartwatch that includes a “flip up display” as evidence that Google may be working on the device.

The demand for smartwatches and wearable tech has grown in recent months, especially after a number of small players that also build smartwatches, such as Pebble and Martian Watches, have entered the market and received a warm welcome by consumers.

Now, it seems the larger tech players are following. Apple is rumored to have a team of 100 people working on a smartwatch while recently a Samsung executive admitted that the company too is working on a watch device with capabilities similar to a smartphone.


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