Qualcomm to release Toq smartwatch on Cyber Monday

Qualcomm's Toq smartwatch will make its debut the Monday after Thanksgiving, the company announced.

Toq, made by the San Diego chips company, will go on sale for $349.99 on Dec. 2, so-called Cyber Monday, which is when many websites hold sales for the holiday shopping season.

The limited-edition device is one of two new smartwatches being introduced this year. The other is the $299 Samsung Galaxy Gear, which came out earlier this year.

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But unlike the Galaxy Gear, which only works with a few Samsung devices, the Qualcomm Toq will be able to pair up with devices that use the Android mobile operating system. Devices must be running Android 4.0.3 or newer versions of the platform.

With the Toq, users will be able to accept and reject voice calls, see their text messages and also see other notifications they receive on their smartphones.

Qualcomm will sell the device to users through the smartwatch's website at toq.qualcomm.com.

The San Diego company doesn't usually sell directly to consumers. Instead, the company sells electronic components to other companies, which then use those parts for their own gadgets. The Toq appears to be a way for Qualcomm to show device makers and consumers the possibilities of smartwatches.

The Toq will use Mirasol display technology, which allows its screen to always remain on and provide a crisp image even if it is in sunlight. The device will also use WiPower LE, which is a wireless charging technology. The smartwatch will use stereo Bluetooth audio, allowing it to support its wireless stereo headphones.


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