Apple iOS Christmas online shopping sales 5 times higher than Android

Apple iOS online Christmas Day shopping sales were five times higher than Android in the U.S.

Every quarter Google has a larger mobile market share than Apple, but when it comes to shopping online, iOS users outspent Android users with sales five times higher on Christmas Day.

Apple iOS users accounted for 23% of total U.S. online sales, according to analytics data from IBM. Meanwhile, Google Android accounted for 4.6%.

Apple’s mobile users not only accounted for more sales, but they also spent more than their Android counterparts every time they made a purchase. According to IBM, iOS users paid $93.94 per order on average, compared with $48.10 per order on average by Android users.

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The data are significant because they give insight into why developers still prioritize iOS over Android. Although Android has a larger market share than iOS, data like these show developers that they are more likely to close a sale on an app or an in-app purchase with iOS users.

Besides Android and iOS, IBM’s data also showed that Christmas Day online sales were up 16.5% from last year. Mobile accounted for 48% of all traffic, and mobile sales made up 29% of all online sales -- up 40% over 2012.

Smartphone users drove 28.5% of online traffic compared with tablets, which made up 18.1%, but when it came to closing sales, tablets led the way with 19.4% of all online sales compared with just 9.3% for smartphones.


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