Paperback version of Steve Jobs biography coming Sept. 10

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Two years after the release of the hardcover version of “Steve Jobs,” the authorized biography of the Apple co-founder written by Walter Isaacson, a paperback version will go on sale Sept. 10.

The paperback will come with a new cover photo of a younger Jobs. The picture, which was taken in 1984 by Norman Seef, shows Jobs in almost the same pose as the one in the photo used for the hardcover version of the biography.

Simon & Schuster, the publisher, said the paperback version will also come with a new afterward, according to a report by All Things D.


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The original version of the biography came out in late 2011, just weeks after Jobs passed away. Jobs, who dealt with cancer for years leading up to his death, said he authorized the biography so that his kids could better understand him after he passed away.

After the biography was released, it quickly became a bestseller, and last year, it was announced that Academy-Award winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin would be putting together the screenplay for a film that will be based on the biography.


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