AT&T continues T-Mobile spat, offers new, existing users $100 credit

AT&T said it will give new and existing customers $100 in credit for every line they add to their service.

AT&T is continuing its fight with T-Mobile by offering new and existing users $100 credit for every new line they add to their service.

The Texas-based carrier announced the promotion Wednesday, saying it is a way to reward existing users and entice new ones.

The $100 credit applies for every new smartphone, tablet, feature phone, mobile hotspot or wireless home line users add to their AT&T wireless service. The promotion runs through March.

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To receive the credit, users must keep the services and be in good standing for 45 days. The credit will be applied within three billing cycles, AT&T said.

The new promotion is the latest shot between AT&T and T-Mobile, who have started 2014 by fighting for each others’ customers.

AT&T fired first when it offered T-Mobile customers as much as $450 in credit for leaving their carrier. T-Mobile responded by offering to pay customers’ early termination fees if they left AT&T, as well as Sprint and Verizon, and signed up for its service.

More recently, T-Mobile fueled the fire this week by sending out a satirical press release complete with fake quotes from AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega that compared the Texas carrier to Darth Vader.


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