Google announces wearable software; Motorola, LG unveil smartwatches


Google took its biggest step to support smartwatch devices Tuesday by announcing Android Wear, a version of its mobile software designed specifically for wearable devices.

Following Google’s announcement, LG and Motorola both announced new smartwatch devices, both of which are powered by the new Google technology.

The Mountain View, Calif., tech giant said smartwatches running Android Wear will be able to provide users with notifications from their smartphone apps, answers to questions when users say “OK Google” as well as health and fitness monitoring.


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Users can check out Android Wear in action in the YouTube video above.

Motorola, meanwhile, said its smartwatch, the Moto 360, will come out this summer. The company did not give much information about the device, but it did post a video teasing the gadget on YouTube. Motorola said it will share more information later this morning.

LG also got in on the action announcing the LG G Watch, which will also run Android Wear. The South Korean company, which has built smartwatches in the past, said it will share more information about the device in the coming months.

Fossil Group, the watch company, also said it will be working with Google to support the new Android Wear platform.


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