Google Glass will soon be able to play music

Google announced Tuesday that Glass users will soon be able to stream music through their device.

Google Glass users will soon be able to stream music from their futuristic device.

Google announced Tuesday that users will be able to say, “OK, Glass, listen to” and the name of an artist or song to begin playing music from their Google Play Music accounts.

Additionally, Google said that it will soon sell stereo earbuds for Google Glass that will cost $85. Last month, the company released mono earbuds for the device that are available for $50.

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Google said the new stereo earbuds and the streaming music feature will be available for Glass users by the end of the month.

Glass, which mounts on users’ heads, is currently only available to several thousand users specially chosen by Google. However, those users were recently allowed to invite three friends to also purchase Google Glass, which is available to them for $1,500.

Google is expected to release a new version of Google Glass to the public sometime next year.



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