Google to turn holiday pictures into twinkling, snowing GIFs

Google is spreading holiday cheer by automatically adding twinkling lights and falling snow into users’ Google+ photos.

A software engineer for the company announced Thursday that when users upload photos that contain things that sparkle or snow onto Google+, the social network will automatically enhance the images by adding lights that twinkle and snow that’s falling.

The GIFs will show up automatically in the Photos section of users’ Google+ accounts where only the user can see them. If the user likes the enhanced pictures, he or she can then choose to share it with others in their Google+ circles.


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The new effects are a part of Auto Awesome, a Google+ feature that adds effects to users photos.

Among other capabilities, Auto Awesome can turn multiple sequence shots into action GIFs, it can turn multiple landscape pictures into panoramas and it can also stitch together multiple pictures into photo-booth images.

You can check out two of these GIF images in action on Google+.


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