Google, Lego bring bricks to the Web with Build With Chrome


Building a Lego creation is now as easy as opening your Web browser.

Google and the Danish toy company have teamed up to create Build With Chrome, a website users can visit using the Chrome Web browser to build Lego models. The site can be accessed through a computer, tablet or smartphone.

“We think the creative freedom of Lego bricks shouldn’t be limited to plastic bins,” Google said in a blog post announcing the website.

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The website is easy to use, but creating a model takes as much time as it does in real life. Users have to search for the right bricks, choose their colors and place them in the perfect spot.

Users can choose to publish their models publicly and geo-tag them to a real location in the world. Users can then scan a Google Maps feature within Build With Chrome to see what others around the world have put together.

Build With Lego is the company’s latest Chrome Experiment. Google uses these types of experiments to show off the capabilities of its browser and inspire others to create websites that push the boundaries.

Lego and Google also put together the website as a form of marketing for “The Lego Movie,” which is set to hit theaters on Feb. 7.

While on Build With Chrome, users can enter the “Build Academy,” where they can go through a series of tutorials and challenges that feature characters from the movie.



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