Nexus 5 sightings grow as Google sells out of Nexus 4 smartphone


As more pictures of the rumored Nexus 5 smartphone make their way onto the Internet, its predecessor, the Nexus 4, has sold out. And Google appears to have no plans to bring it back.

Google came out with the Nexus 4 late last year, and the device has been a hit with consumers thanks to its sleek design, low price, and no contract requirement. The smartphone became even more popular last month after Google cut the price by $100.

That led the device to quickly sell out of the $199 8-gigabyte model two weeks ago, and now, the $249 16 GB-version is also out of stock.


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According to The Verge, Google has no plans to make more Nexus 4 devices. Google has not confirmed this, but if it’s true, it could be a sign that the Nexus 4’s successor may be announced soon.

Meanwhile, pictures and rumors about the next Google phone are hitting the Internet with more frequency.

Videos of the alleged device have been uploaded to YouTube, and the Federal Communications Commission recently approved and posted images of a device dubbed D820 that some believe is the Nexus 5.

And when Google announced the next version of Android earlier this month, there was speculation that it may have accidently slipped in the Nexus 5 into a video it posted on YouTube. Google fanned the speculation even more when it quickly removed the video.

It’s unclear when Google may announce its next smartphone, but the latest rumors say the device will once again be built by LG, which made the Nexus 4. Reports also say the Nexus 5 will be about the same size as the Nexus 4 but feature a larger 5-inch screen. The Nexus 5 is also believed to have a much improved rear camera.

Google could not be reached for comment.


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