Instagram takes on Vine, adds video feature


Instagram is gearing up for battle against Vine, announcing on Thursday that it will give users the ability to record and share short videos.

“What we did to photos, we just did to video,” said Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom as he announced the new feature.

Users will be able to share and edit videos up to 15 seconds long using Instagram, which Facebook purchased last year.


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Unlike Vine, though, users will also be able to add filters to their videos. Systrom said Instagram created 13 new filters specifically for its new video tool to adjust colors, lighting and other attributes. It’s similar to what users can do with Instagram photos.

Additionally, Systrom said Instagram went above and beyond to create a feature he called “Cinema,” which is intended to stabilize the shakiness of videos shot handheld using a smartphone.

Instagram shared an introductory video on its desktop website. The social network rolled out the feature immediately to iPhone and Android users.

Systrom also announced that Instagram has reached 130 million monthly active users.


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