IOS 7 install error causes Twitter freak out


Apple released iOS 7 for download Wednesday morning, but many users around the Web quickly ran into an error, causing their installation to fail.

The error is likely a result of countless users trying to download the new version of Apple’s iPhone and iPad software all at the same time.

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There’s a good chance you’re among those who’ve yet to install iOS 7, so while you wait for traffic to clear up, take a look at funny tweets some frustrated Apple users have sent out since iOS 7 errors started happening.

If you got the IOS 7 with no error, your blessed cause millions of ppl as I just read is seeing a error message including me— WAJ (@iAm_kiNg23rdz) September 18, 2013

#iOS7 won’t download!!!! He gives me an error :( :(— Annelies De Grande (@xAnyana) September 18, 2013

This stupid #iOS7 software won’t load on my phone & I’m soo ill about it. I deleted so much stuff & it keeps saying error. System overload??— Ashley Lauren Cox (@SmashleyLauren8) September 18, 2013

i tried to see if ios7 was there and it said “an error occured while checking for a software update” why why why— ¿ ¿ achka ¿¿ (@grandeIush) September 18, 2013

literally had to delete my whole iphone for it to tell me there’s an error downloading ios7, r u joking— hanban (@hannah_cosbie) September 18, 2013

I knew this was gonna happen. Millions around the world trying to update to #ios7, which is causing “error occurred downloading update”— Sameer Shekhar (@IMSameerShekhar) September 18, 2013

Some users thought they had a way around the error.

Hard reset sorts the ios7 error problem.— Aaron Webb (@webbywonders) September 18, 2013

But ultimately, their solution proved futile.

No it doesn’t.— Aaron Webb (@webbywonders) September 18, 2013

being infuriated with the iOS7 download error = the biggest @FirstWorldPains— Theresa M. Foy (@tmfoy) September 18, 2013

I, too, was among the frustrated users.

iOS 7 apocalypse— Salvador Rodriguez (@sal19) September 18, 2013

We assume this is how many users look right now.

If you quickly got an error message, be grateful because at least you aren’t this guy.

Nooooo, it was almost finished #apple #iOS7— Darren page (@Darren88page88) September 18, 2013

But if you keep trying long enough, ultimately you will find success.



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