Anaheim police respond to burglary alarm call, find 156 guns in home


Anaheim police officers responded this week to a burglary alarm call at a home and, after getting permission from the owner to enter, found dozens of guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition inside the residence.

In total, officers confiscated 156 guns, including some assault rifles that are illegal to own in California, from the house near Broadway and Archer.

Some of the guns are not illegal to own but were unregistered, including some that were handed down by family members but never reregistered.

Other guns were firearms built from various parts bought online. Anaheim Police Sgt. Shane Carringer said these types of guns aren’t illegal to own if they’re properly registered.


Aaron Linss, 54, and Daniel Moore, 42, were arrested on suspicion of possessing illegal firearms. Moore was on parole while Linss had no prior arrests, Carringer said.

Based on preliminary information collected by detectives, there is no indication that the firearms were used in a crime or that the men had plans to use them in a crime.

The home’s alarm turned out to have been activated by accident.