Pasadena cancels ‘nonessential’ city events after resident tests positive for coronavirus

Pasadena officials said they would cancel recreational events and classes and other activities.
(Keith Johnson / Getty Images)

Pasadena city officials announced Thursday the city was canceling all of its “nonessential” city-sponsored events and activities until further notice after recording its first coronavirus case.

Nonessential events and activities would generally include recreational events and classes, census events, Community Police Academy Kids Safety Academy, PALS center activity, educational and cultural events. and community excursions.

The city was not presently directing the cancellation of any events or activities sponsored by third parties, although the city said it was reaching out to those events’ coordinators and providing current guidelines by the California Department of Public Health regarding mass gatherings. Those recommendations call for the cancellation of large gathering.

“The strategy is presently to limit the opportunity for people to come into contact with one another so as to limit the extent to which the COVID-19 virus can spread,” the city said.


Pasadena’s first confirmed coronavirus case involved an individual “known to have close contact with a confirmed case outside of Pasadena, and [who] has been in quarantine since the exposure occurred,” the city said in a statement.

Officials said they were working with others who had come in close contact with the patient and who might be at risk of infection.

“We have been preparing and are ready to manage COVID-19 cases in Pasadena, in close coordination with our healthcare partners,” said Dr. Ying-Ying Goh, director of the Pasadena Public Health Department. “We will continue to recommend our community implement individual and community mitigation measures to reduce the risk of spread of illness.”