Newsom tells protesters of stay-at-home order he will be swayed by science, not politics

Supporters of President Trump rally against business closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic along Main Street in Huntington Beach.
(Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)

Gov. Gavin Newsom had some advice Saturday for people upset over the shut-down order, some of whom have started holding public protests, including one Friday in Huntington Beach.

“I just want to encourage people that when you practice your free speech — which I don’t [just] embrace, I celebrate — just do so safely. This virus knows no political ideology. It doesn’t know if you are Republican or Democrat, supporting the president, opposing the president, so practice physical distancing.

“Make sure that you are not infecting others. Even if you feel healthy and have no symptoms, you can spread this.”


The governor said he will not be swayed by public protests in deciding when to reopen the state.

“We are going to do the right thing, not judge by politics, not judge by protests, but by science.”

A group of more than 100 protesters demanded that California ease stay-at-home restrictions that have helped slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The protesters claimed the dangers of the coronavirus and benefits of social distancing are overblown, despite scientific evidence to the contrary.

Polls have shown the public supports the orders.