CHP patrol car window shot out on 91 Freeway in Anaheim amid string of similar incidents

Rush hour traffic on the 91 Freeway
A number of shootings along the 91 Freeway are under investigation. Above, the freeway in Corona.
(Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)

Authorities are investigating whether a string of shootings since April that have shattered windshields and startled drivers along the 91 Freeway from Cerritos to Riverside are related.

The most recent incident took place on Tuesday morning, when a projectile blew out the windshield of a BMW on the westbound FasTrak lane in Anaheim, forcing the female driver to exit the freeway. Four days earlier, on the eastbound shoulder of the same stretch of freeway, the rear window of a CHP patrol car was shattered after being hit by an object.

Since late April, there have been at least 20 shooting incidents, primarily along on the 45-mile stretch of the 91 Freeway from Cerritos to Riverside


The shootings have baffled authorities thus far. Few drivers have been able to identify suspects during the high-speed incidents, and authorities believe the windows are being shot out by ammo from small caliber-type weapons, such as BB or pellet guns.

So far, victims have been able to safely exit the freeway — and no injuries or collisions have been reported in connection with the shootings.

Several CHP divisions are investigating the incidents as being possibly related, officials said. No suspect has been identified. “Of course, all information is being shared so that we can try to identify all available leads,” California Highway Patrol Officer John DeMatteo said.

The incidents have occurred in both directions of the freeway, frequently during the late evening or early morning.

The same morning that the BMW was targeted on Tuesday, another car’s window was shot out in the Riverside area, according to CHP Officer Dan Olivas.

The day before, Monday, four more shootings occurred along the 91 Freeway near Corona, he said. At least six similar reports were made in the same area since May 9.

Farther west, in Cerritos, three other shootings occurred May 12 and 13, according to the CHP.

According to Olivas, the CHP is now limiting the information it’s providing to the public about the incidents “for investigation integrity purposes.”

“For the purpose of actually figuring this out and stopping these things from happening,” he added.

CHP Officer Chris Baldonado urged drivers to be cautious if they are targeted. “We recommend everyone to try to remain calm, as traumatic as it could be, and try to safely exit and assess the situation,” he said.