2,421 pounds of meth found in truck at San Diego County border crossing


Federal agents confiscated more than 2,400 pounds of methamphetamine last week at the Otay Mesa commercial border crossing in San Diego County that was found hidden in a shipment of plastic parts.

Officials say it is the third seizure of more than 1,000 pounds of methamphetamine in a six-day stretch.

The drugs were found about 4:45 p.m. Friday when a truck heading into the U.S. was flagged for an “intensive examination” and sent to be scanned by the port’s imaging system. A drug-sniffing dog made the find.

The meth, which weighed 2,421 pounds, was worth an estimated $5.5 million.

A 25-year-old Mexican citizen was arrested for the alleged narcotic smuggling attempt. Customs and Border Protection agents turned the driver over to the custody of agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

This seizure follows two other incidents in the same week at the same commercial border crossing. The first was on May 15, when Customs and Border Protection officers discovered nearly 2,500 pounds of methamphetamine concealed in a shipment of medical supplies. The second occurred on May 18, when more than 1,100 pounds of methamphetamine was found hidden in a shipment of watermelons.

Kucher writes for the San Diego Union-Tribune.