1965 plane wreck may have been found in Northern California lake

Folsom Lake in Northern California
Boat docks at the Browns Ravine Cove sit on dry earth at Folsom Lake last month in El Dorado Hills. Surveyors believe they have found a plane that went missing in 1965.
(Getty Images)

A small plane that crashed into a Northern California lake with four people aboard after a midair collision 56 years ago may have been found by underwater surveying technology.

The discovery was made in drought-shrunken Folsom Lake when technicians Tyler Atkinson and Jeff Riley of Seafloor Systems were testing sonar technology, CBS Sacramento reported.

“I saw something that was not normal,” Atkinson told the station.

Imagery resembled the Piper Comanche 250 that crashed on New Year’s Day in 1965 after colliding with another small plane, which was able to land at an airport.


Remains of the Piper pilot were recovered at the time, but the bodies of the three passengers were not found.

A newspaper account at the time said divers had to work strictly by feel in murky water and weather turned bad, with winds and waves, reported.

Authorities have not said whether the new information will prompt a new investigation, SFGate said.

The lake 25 miles east of Sacramento is at just 37% of capacity due to drought.