‘Hollywood’s Finest’

In 2018, three Times journalists set off to tell the stories of three women in the world of the unhoused above the Hollywood Freeway.

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Mckenzie Trahan had lived on the streets of Hollywood on and off since she was 13. At 22, she was nearly seven months pregnant and staying in a tent in the dirt above the 101 Freeway.

“Stitches,” to her friends — or as her scalp tattoo put it, one of “Hollywood’s Finest” — would struggle to find and keep a home to raise her baby.

In the process, she would have to leave behind the street life and friends that had sustained her during the years she survived by her wits and fists as one of L.A.’s many thousands of homeless people.

In 2018, reporter Gale Holland, photographer Christina House and videographer Claire Hannah Collins set off to tell the stories of Mckenzie; her mother, Cynthia “Cat” Trahan; and her case manager, Leslie Kerr. Follow along on their journey.


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