Someone tried to blow up an ATM in Palmdale. It didn’t work


A Bank of America ATM in Palmdale sustained serious injuries Sunday morning after an explosive device was detonated in an attempt to get money from the machine.

Although the ATM was broken, it did not give up any cash, according to Deputy Tracy Koerner, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

“All we know is someone detonated some type of device trying to gain access and it was unsuccessful,” he said. “No money was gotten out of the machine.”


The explosion at 4:05 a.m. was powerful enough to blow out the windows of several shops, according to a KTLA report. One local told the television station that the sound could be heard from a mile away.

Deputies from the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station called arson investigators and the department’s crime lab out to the scene, near the intersection of 50th Street West and West Avenue North, at about 6:11.

Thomas Lin, a lieutenant with the Palmdale Sheriff’s Department said there are no known injuries due to the explosion, and no known suspects.