Girl asks L.A. County Animal Care if she can house a unicorn in her yard. Permission granted

A unicorn license posted on the Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control's Instagram
The Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control created a unicorn license and posted it on Instagram on Tuesday after a young girl requested permission to have a unicorn in her backyard, if she could find one.
(Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control)

Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control granted a young girl’s request to house a unicorn in her backyard — as long as she maintains the mythical creature in a humane way.

The agency even sent a letterhead response to the girl, Madeline, listing all the conditions under which she could keep a unicorn. If she can find one, that is.

“I would like your approval if I can have a unicorn in my backyard if I can find one. Please send me a letter in response,” read Madeline’s Nov. 14 missive to the county, which Animal Care and Control posted on its Instagram.


After two weeks, Madeline received a response from the head of the agency, Marcia Mayeda, granting her request.

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Dec. 8, 2022

“Enclosed is a preapproved unicorn license for when you can find one,” Mayeda wrote.

The department sent the girl a stuffed unicorn to hold onto until she is able to find a living unicorn.

The approval came with five conditions, including that any glitter used on the unicorn be biodegradable and nontoxic and that the unicorn be fed its favorite treat — watermelon — at least once a week.