These California freeways and roads are closed by storm damage

A man walks through a flooded road away from his stalled car.
James Claffey walks from his stalled car through floodwaters on Highway 101 in Montecito.
(Michael Owen Baker / For The Times)

The storm that brought destruction to parts of California on Monday continued to keep freeways and highways closed across the state.

Here is a list of some key roads that remain closed as of Tuesday.

Highway 1

Closed in many places, including Huntington Beach at Warner Avenue and several places in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Monterey counties due to flooding.


Highway 2

Closed in both directions from Pacific Coast Highway to Viewridge Road in the Topanga area. Angeles Crest is closed in both directions two miles north of the 210 Freeway to Angeles Forest Highway.

Malibu Canyon

Closed in both directions from Civic Center Way to Piuma in L.A. County due to a rockslide and large boulder in the road.

Topanga Canyon

Closed in both directions in L.A. County from Pacific Coast Highway to Mulholland due to rockslides.

101 Freeway

Closed in several places in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. The California Highway Patrol tweeted that the southbound 101 reopened in Santa Barbara through Ventura shortly before 2 p.m. The northbound lanes remained closed in Carpinteria and at Winchester near Goleta. Caltrans said it hoped to have the Gaviota stretch reopened by Tuesday evening.

395 Freeway

Closed north of Bishop due to snow.

Highway 9

Closed at Highway 1 due to flooding.

Highway 150

Closed in both directions from Stonegate Road to Reeves Road, between Santa Paula and Ojai. Closed at Highway 33 due to flooding and mud.

Highway 33

Closed in both directions north of Ojai to the Ozena Fire Station.

Highway 126

Closed in both directions between Fillmore and Hopper Canyon due to flooding.

Highway 35

Closed at Bear Gulch Road due to flooding.

Highway 154

Closed in Santa Barbara County from the 192 to the 266.

Highway 192

Closed in parts of Santa Barbara County.

Highway 23

Westlake Boulevard in Ventura County is closed just south of Westlake Village from Carlisle Road to Portrero Road. Grimes Canyon Road is closed in both directions from Bardsdale Avenue to Shekell Road.

5 Freeway

The southbound connector to the 110 Freeway is closed due to mud, debris and trees. The northbound freeway is closed at Lankershim Boulevard in Sun Valley.

Source: Caltrans


When an evacuation order reaches you, you need to leave. Now. Here’s how to prepare and what to have ready to go if you may need to evacuate during the rainstorms hitting California.

Jan. 4, 2023

With more rain coming, here are some basic tips for driving in the rain from the pages of The Times.

Look carefully

Continually scan the road to avoid debris and look out for disabled vehicles in reduced-visibility conditions.

Slow down

Driving at reduced speeds helps you prepare for sudden stops. Reduce your speed, particularly as you drive through puddles.

Allow extra room between cars. Your car needs two to three times more stopping distance on wet pavement.

Slipping? Don’t slam on the brakes

If you find yourself skidding on wet pavement, don’t slam on the brakes — apply light but firm pressure. Steer in the direction the car is sliding. For cars with anti-lock brakes, apply heavy, steady pressure, but do not pump the brakes.

Keep to the center

Use the center lanes — and don’t cross the yellow line. Water tends to collect in the outside lanes, which slope curbside.

Pay attention

Driving in the rain requires more mental effort. Don’t eat. Don’t drink. Don’t use your cellphone. Don’t text. Don’t fumble with CDs. Don’t put on your makeup.

And once it stops raining, continue to avoid all those activities while behind the wheel.