71 Freeway in Pomona will be shut down to repair potholes after more cars are damaged during storm

A worker uses a blower to remove water from a pothole
Crews work on pothole repairs on the 71 Freeway on Wednesday morning after vehicles with flat tires were reported on the right shoulder of the freeway near Valley Boulevard the night before.
(KTLA-TV Channel 5)

The 71 Freeway will be shut down again Friday through Monday to make repairs of potholes that were opened by recent rains and damaged multiple vehicles. The aim is to fix the roads before rainfall hits the region again next week.

The freeway was already closed in both directions overnight Tuesday near the Holt Avenue exit, according to the California Highway Patrol. It was the same location on the freeway where about 30 vehicles had flat tires and damaged rims after encounters with potholes last week.

The CHP blocked the freeway about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday after the first reports of damage, said Officer Joseph Davila.

“They shut it down early enough where they could mitigate the issue,” he said.

About five vehicles were reported to have been damaged, he said, although multiple drivers seemed to have steered toward the shoulder after realizing the condition of the road.


The closures this weekend and Monday are overnight and will affect northbound lanes from Peyton Drive to Valley Boulevard/Holt Avenue and southbound lanes from the Valley Boulevard/Holt Avenue offramp to the Mission Boulevard onramp.

Drivers who have sustained injuries or incurred vehicle damage as a result of potholes can file claims for up to $10,000. The claims, which ask for supporting documents of the injury or damage, can be filed directly to Caltrans.

Drivers must know what county the damage occurred in and file the claim to the correct district office listed online.

Road closures and treacherous driving conditions have confronted drivers as agencies work to repair potholes caused by the winter storms.

Jan. 17, 2023

Claims for damage above $10,000 must be filed with the state’s Government Claims Program.

The stretch of the 71 Freeway near Holt Avenue has been hit hard by the storms in Southern California, but officials have been aware that the freeway is in need of more extensive repairs, Davila said.

“The roadway needs a full and more extensive repair,” he said, “but due to the rain we haven’t been able to accomplish that.”