Calling all cat lovers: 80 felines found in hoarder’s home up for adoption in Riverside County

Two cats in a shelter cage
More than 80 cats removed from an apartment in Eastvale by Riverside County authorities are ready to be adopted.
(Riverside County Department of Animal Services)
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More than 80 cats are up for adoption in Riverside County after they were removed from the home of a hoarder in Eastvale, according to authorities.

The fourscore felines are shy but ready to be taken in by cat lovers, according to the Riverside County Department of Animal Services.

“As our shelters continue to be challenged by severe overcrowding of animals, we are urging the community to come together to give these cats hope for a new home and better life,” Erin Gettis, director of the Department of Animal Services, said in a statement.


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Aug. 7, 2023

The cats are all indoor cats and would be a good fit for a home with extroverted cats or people who want companionship, according to the department.

“Over time the cats will get to know their new owners and come out of their shell. Right now, they are adjusting to a new world that is so different from the one they knew,” said Kim Youngberg, the department’s assistant director.

After they were rescued, the cats received care from the veterinary staff at the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus, where they are being housed. Anyone interested in adopting or fostering the cats should email