Beanie Feldstein takes us behind the scenes of ‘Impeachment’ on ‘The Envelope’ podcast

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Hi there! I’m Yvonne Villarreal, TV writer for The Times and “The Envelope” podcast co-host.

This week on the feed we have a brand-new interview featuring Beanie Feldstein, who portrays Monica Lewinsky in the FX anthology series “Impeachment: American Crime Story.” This season, the show revisits the Clinton sex scandal through the perspectives of the women involved. That includes Monica, who was at the center of an international media storm after her friend Linda Tripp exposed Monica’s affair with the president.


During our conversation, Beanie shares why playing Monica forced her to “disassociate” from herself. Plus, she opens up about the sudden death of her brother, Jordan, and gushes over the Jewish women (Bette Midler and Barbra Streisand) who paved the way for her role as Fanny Brice in the upcoming Broadway revival of “Funny Girl.”

You can listen to the full conversation now wherever you get your podcasts or on, where you can also read the full transcript.

Beanie Feldstein joins "The Envelope" podcast.
Beanie Feldstein joins “The Envelope” podcast.
(Michael Nagle/Los Angeles Times

“I always say that Monica is… she was treated as a meal for society and the media to just feast upon like vultures. You know, she wasn’t a human being.”

— — Beanie Feldstein

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