Director Pablo Larraín discusses ‘Spencer’ and Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana

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This week on the show, “Spencer” director Pablo Larraín discusses his unique take on Princess Diana’s story, which he calls “a tale of panic and pain.”


Though many were surprised by Kristen Stewart’s casting in the film, Larraín told me that Princess Diana’s former bodyguard was amazed by the actor’s depiction. In addition to Stewart’s performance, we talked about the historical truths behind sensitive elements (such as Diana’s eating disorder and relationship with her sons), what he hopes Prince Harry and Prince William will take away from the film, and Larraín’s collaboration with Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood on the soundtrack of the film.

You can listen to the full conversation now wherever you get your podcasts or on, where you can also read the full transcript.

Director Pablo Larraín
(Maria Veronica San Martin)

There’s an element of magnetism and some strange idea of mystery that she carries, and I felt that the only way to properly portray this version of Diana is through all the things that you don’t give away.

— ‘Spencer’ director Pablo Larraín on Kristen Stewart

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