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Well, hello! I’m Yvonne Villarreal, TV writer for the Los Angeles Times and co-host of “The Envelope” podcast.

With Emmys season coming up, I’m revisiting my interview with Jennifer Coolidge, who stole the show in HBO’s “The White Lotus” as Tanya McQuoid, a grieving woman visiting a luxury resort to spread her mother’s ashes.

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Actor Jennifer Coolidge joins “The Envelope” podcast.
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In this episode, Jennifer Coolidge opens up about shifting from drama to comedy (and back again), overcoming cocaine addiction in her 20s and channeling the death of her own mother to play the grieving Tanya in “The White Lotus.” Plus, she shares what she wants for Tanya now that she’s confirmed to return for the show’s second season.

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“Drugs are in some weird way a gift because your addiction is sped up so quickly that you hit your bottom. I hit my bottom at 27. … Thank God for cocaine, it all came to a head at 27. And I went to rehab, and then I actually was able to refocus my life. And in some way my life became so simple.”

— Jennifer Coolidge

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