Rhea Seehorn on ‘Better Call Saul’ finale, Kim Wexler’s fate and more

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Hi there! I’m Yvonne Villarreal, TV writer for The Times and co-host of “The Envelope” podcast.

Fresh off last evening’s “Better Call Saul” series finale, Rhea Seehorn joined me to break down the biggest moments of the episode, including the surprise decision Jimmy makes and what she thinks is next for Kim Wexler. Seehorn — who is nominated for two Emmys this year, including a first for her performance as Kim Wexler — also shared the moment that Kim would go back to if she were to use a time machine (a running theme in the finale).


“I guess maybe the mailroom. It would just be Jimmy and Kim and they would go out with each other, fall in love and then get really, really great therapists.”

— Rhea Seehorn

Rhea Seehorn
(Photo by Mathieu Young)

Seehorn also opens up about the scary moments after Bob Odenkirk had a heart attack on set, how growing up with a father who suffered from alcoholism shaped her acting skills, and why “Better Call Saul” helped her to finally internalize that her success wasn’t a fluke.

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