Five steps to becoming a read out-loud book hero


Reading stories aloud is one of my favorite ways to get kids to like books. Children get excited when they are read to, especially when the reader does it in a dramatic way! People who experience my read aloud sessions with kids for the first time stare in amazement because a full-grown man is willing to let go in such a crazy, fun and upbeat way. Kids love it.

How do I do this? Practice and a bit of bravery; letting go of all inhibition is the key. You’ll find out that it gets easier with practice.

Five steps to becoming a read aloud book hero


1. Practice. Pre-read the story and get yourself in the right mind-set. You’ll appear to be a pro-level reader to your child.

2. Setting the mood. Anywhere is fine as long as you remember to eliminate distractions.

3. Voice. Project your voice by emphasizing in just the right places. Sound effects only add to the story … use them! If you forget or miss a cue, don’t worry, keep going.

4. Facial expressions. We have 43 muscles that make up our faces; use them to emphasize the story.

5. Costumes. Sure, why not. Put on a cape and go for it!

Feeling embarrassed is a small price to pay for a chance to get your child to love what he reads now and later in life. After all, “today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”

Who knows? You might even like reading aloud.