Robert De Niro calls out Trump and Fox News on CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’

Robert De Niro called out President Trump and Fox News on CNN's "Reliable Sources" on Sunday morning.
(Ettore Ferrari / EPA)

Robert De Niro appeared on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” on Sunday morning, calling out the president and Fox News in a rare interview.

The actor stars in the controversial movie “Joker,” opening this week, and Martin Scorsese’s film “The Irishman,” which premiered Friday at the New York Film Festival. When host Brian Stelter asked De Niro whether he is in favor of the current impeachment inquiry embroiling President Trump, he said, “It has to happen. There’s no way around it.”

“I don’t think he’s capable of resigning,” De Niro added. “This guy has done everything possible. Much worse than I ever thought — ever. He’s worse than I ever could have imagined.”


De Niro, a longtime critic of the president, also called him “crazy” and said “we have to get him out.”

“This guy should not be president, period,” he said. “We are in a moment in our lives in this country where this guy is like a gangster. We’re in a terrible situation. We’re in a terrible situation and this guy just keeps going on and on and on without being stopped.”

De Niro, who played special prosecutor Robert S. Mueller III on “Saturday Night Live” last year, also spoke out about the current administration at this year’s Tony Awards, where he got onstage and cursed. The actor did the same on “Reliable Sources,” to which Stelter replied, “This is cable, so it’s not an FCC violation, but it is still a Sunday morning.”