Aaron Carter denies brother Nick Carter’s allegation that led to restraining order

Aaron Carter let loose on Twitter after his brother said he's seeking a restraining order against him.
(Frazer Harrison / Getty Images)

Singer Aaron Carter on Wednesday denied saying he had thoughts about harming his brother’s wife and unborn child. Nick Carter made that allegation Tuesday in a statement explaining that he and Aaron’s twin sister, Angel, were seeking a restraining order against their brother.

“I never said it. Never said it,” Aaron Carter told The Times in a phone interview, noting he was his own publicist. He said his brother Nick, who’s a member of the band Backstreet Boys, is “using his power and publicists” to try to silence Aaron as he champions women who say they have been sexually assaulted.

“I have the most powerful platform,” Aaron said, referring to social media. “I get way more news notoriety than he does.”


Nick Carter had announced his court action Tuesday afternoon on Twitter.

“In light of Aaron’s increasingly alarming behavior and his recent confession that he harbors thoughts and intentions of killing my pregnant wife and unborn child, we were left with no choice but to take every measure possible to protect ourselves and our family,” Nick wrote in his tweet, adding hashtags about mental health and gun control to his tweet.

A representative for Nick Carter declined to comment further on the situation Wednesday.

“I am astounded at the accusations being made against me and I do not wish harm to anyone, especially my family,” Aaron Carter tweeted Tuesday.

Aaron, who has been singing since he was a child, continued to fire back at his older brother for hours on Twitter, saying in part that he was permanently cutting ties with Nick. Aaron also aired a lot of dirty laundry about his family and accused his brother of raping a woman. (Nick, 39, faced a 2003 rape accusation last year but denied it; prosecutors tossed out the case, citing the statute of limitations.)

During the barrage, Aaron accused Nick of paying him back for supporting his accuser. “[T]o retaliate you call the police to take away my legal guns and you file a restraining order,” he tweeted.

“Restraining order says stay 100 feet away. It’s been thousands of miles for years. Using the court system to shake me down. Worked on some girls but won’t work on me,” Aaron said in a final message after dozens of tweets.

Up until a recent phone call, the brothers hadn’t talked in about four years, Aaron told The Times. They fell out, he said, because Nick wouldn’t help him get alcohol-abuse treatment for their mother. The singer said he’s two years sober now.


Aaron, 31, told TMZ on Monday that he’d been visited by law enforcement on Sunday night and questioned about his mental health. Police left without placing him under a psychiatric hold, the singer said, after he convinced them he was not a danger to himself or others.

“There was four deputies that came ... and then a mental evaluator with a clipboard ready to take me and put me in a straitjacket,” Aaron told the website, adding that he advised police that he had loaded guns around the house, but none on his person.

The singer inherited hundreds of guns after his father died in 2017 and recently said on Instagram that he had legally purchased a pistol and two rifles.

His mental health has been discussed a lot lately in part because of recent appearances on the TV show “The Doctors,” but Aaron told The Times that he has not been officially diagnosed with anything. Last week on the show he revealed he had been prescribed Xanax, Seroquel, gabapentin and trazodone and said he went into rehab in 2017 because he was huffing.

“I was in a really terrible place. I was abusing medications. I was in a toxic relationship. I was in complete denial. I was so into the addiction, I was just like, ‘I’m just going to let myself die,’” Aaron told “The Doctors.”


“I still struggle, but ... I’m creative. I’m starting to get acclimated to my medications. I gained 45 pounds. I manage my career, I negotiate my contracts. That’s what it’s like for me being sober.”

Aaron also confirmed Wednesday that he plans to keep the concert dates he has scheduled, despite tweeting Monday that he was going to cancel. “I was just exhausted,” he said. “I’m going to continue with all my obligations and keep fighting the good fight. I don’t want to disappoint my fans.”