The best, most hilarious song of the coronavirus quarantine says what we all feel now. You need this

Las Cardachians perform their song "Quarantine"
A still from the song “Cuarentena” (Quarantine) by Colombian duo Las Cardachians.
(Screengrab by Carolina A. Miranda / Los Angeles Times)

Since the global coronavirus quarantine began, there has been a lot of performing on social media by professionals and nonprofessionals alike. But no song captures the zeitgeist quite like the short, perfect piece by a pair of Colombian satirists known as Las Cardachians (a play on “Kardashians”), who have more than a million followers on Instagram.

The gender-bending duo — which consists of Juan Gonzalez, who does makeup tutorials on YouTube, and photographer and filmmaker Camilo Pulgarin — is known for their popular Instagram videos that spoof the Kardashians and the actions of ditzy Medellín girls. They even have a short dance jam as Las Cardachians called “Sugar Guaracha” — and it is highly addictive.

But their master work has to be their recent song “Cuarentena” (“Quarantine”), performed by Pulgarin. Posted five days ago, it is burning up Latin American Instagram, racking up close to a million views. On Tuesday, it was re-posted to social media by actress Drew Barrymore.


You don’t need to speak Spanish to feel the vibe.

A member of Las Cardachians performs a song inspired by the pandemic

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