Yep, that was Katy Perry parading around L.A. dressed as an ‘I Voted’ sticker

Katy Perry
Katy Perry dressed up as an “I Voted” sticker to celebrate election day.
(Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)

California gurls, they’re unforgettable — especially when they’re hitting the streets of Los Angeles dressed as a giant “I Voted” sticker the day before the presidential election.

On Monday, pop star Katy Perry asked: Why just wear your “I Voted” sticker when you can be the “I Voted” sticker? The “Daisies” artist was spotted at a busy L.A. intersection cheering on honking cars while balancing an enormous foam replica of the patriotic accessory on her head.

“TOMORROW IS ELECTION DAY!” Perry captioned an Instagram video debuting her costume to the tune of her 2020 anthem “Not the End of the World.”


At one point in the brief Instagram clip, a passerby can be heard calling Perry’s shenanigans “hysterical.” And later, the performer is seen struggling to fit through a nearby liquor store doorway that is slightly too narrow for her oversized headpiece.

“Tell your mom, tell your dad, tell complete strangers on the street to #VOTENOW,” she continued in her caption. “#BRINGAFRIEND #BRINGASNACK #TAKEYOURBIKE ... #buthonkifyoualready voted.”

Earlier this year, the “Teenage Dream” hitmaker took to Instagram to endorse Joe Biden and Kamala Harris after the former vice president selected the California senator as his running mate. Like many celebrities, the Grammy nominee has leveraged her elevated platform to share voting resources and encourage her millions of followers to cast their ballots early and in person.

“I’ve had the privilege of getting to know @kamalaharris over the years and @joebiden choosing her as his running mate is already a testament to his decision making,” she wrote this summer.


“Kamala is exactly the kind of leader WITH experience we desperately need right now. She’s the type of person willing to put in the WORK to make our country better. Less than 3 months until Election Day. LET’S DO THIS YA’LL.”

This election year has been particularly significant — personally and professionally — for Perry, who released her latest album, “Smile,” in August shortly before giving birth to a baby girl with her fiancé, “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor Orlando Bloom.

“Having more awareness and consciousness, I no longer can just be a blissful, ignorant idealist who sings about love and relationships,” she told The Times ahead of her album — and baby — due date.

“Even my travels have afforded me a new perspective on cultures, class systems and the inequality around the world, not just in the United States. There’s definitely a reckoning — an uncomfortable but necessary reckoning — that is happening right now.”

After fighting through what her friend Sia calls a “real breakdown,” a resilient Katy Perry is set to deliver her first child and a new album, “Smile.”

Aug. 12, 2020