With conservatorship in limbo, Britney Spears is living her best life in Hawaii

A woman with long, blond hair posing in a silver dress
Britney Spears attends the 2018 GLAAD Media Awards in Beverly Hills.
(Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images)

Less than two weeks after vacationing in Maui, Britney Spears did it again.

On Monday, the pop musician was back on vacation and updated fans on her travels via Instagram where she posted a video montage of her recent adventures on the Pacific island.

Spears’ latest trip to Maui comes about a week after the “Toxic” artist delivered an emotional address to a Los Angeles court requesting the termination of her controversial conservatorship, which has severely limited her autonomy for the past 13 years.

On Wednesday, CNN reported that the singer has “begged” her attorney, Samuel Ingham III, to file a petition to end the conservatorship — a legal option Spears said she was previously unaware of while appealing to a judge last week and apologizing for her “ignorance.”


‘And I’ll support her long after,’ actor Jamie Lynn Spears wrote in response to her sister Britney Spears’ remarks on her conservatorship.

June 28, 2021

“Maui part 2,” Spears wrote Monday on Instagram. “This footage is more current though … from YESTERDAY !!! I’m driving the cheapest car known to mankind but it’s pretty fun … I like the sound of the ocean at night and I like hearing people laughing from my balcony … there’s a togetherness here and it’s endless !!!”

In the video, the Grammy winner can be seen taking in the tropical views, dancing in her swimsuit and making sand angels on the beach to the tune of Portugal. The Man’s “Feel It Still.”

“Here’s me playing in the dirt and ... in the ocean,” the “Lucky” hitmaker continued in her caption. “More to come … more to share … more to dream … more to hope for … and many more to pray for !!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!! Here’s to Maui.”

Britney Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline and fellow “Mickey Mouse Club” alum Christina Aguilera speak out on the pop icon’s behalf.

June 29, 2021

In a follow-up clip posted Tuesday, Spears called out people who have been harassing her on her Hawaii holiday by sharing a series of “dos and donts” directed at fans and mostly paparazzi infringing on her “space.”

“So being here in Maui is pretty crazy now ... the paps know where I am and it’s really not fun,” she captioned another montage — this time set to the tune of Lily Allen’s “F— You.”

“It’s pretty hard going anywhere cause these silly faces keep popping up to take my picture … but not only do they take my picture … they distort my body and mess with the image and it’s embarrassing ... I know my body is not perfect but I definitely do NOT look like how they portray me. It’s rude and it’s mean so paps kindly F— YOU AND F— OFF.”


During the don’ts portion of the accompanying slideshow, the Grammy winner asked paparazzi and fans to refrain from interrupting her while she’s texting (“It’s rude.”), as well as “stop messing with my pics and editing them to the point where it’s embarrassing.”

Addressing the court for the first time in two years, pop star Britney Spears was candid and emotional at her conservatorship hearing Wednesday.

June 23, 2021

She did, however, encourage her loyal followers to participate in Pride celebrations, such as a recent parade in Paris that saw hundreds of marchers erupt in a group rendition of Spears’ hit single “Oops!... I Did It Again.”

During last week’s bombshell hearing, Spears accused her conservators of “abusive” behavior, such as forcing her to work nonstop and stifling her reproductive freedom by preventing her from removing her intrauterine contraceptive device.

“I’ve lied and told the whole world I’m OK and I’m happy,” Spears said during a passionate, 24-minute speech.

“I’ve been in denial. I’ve been in shock. I am traumatized. ... But now I’m telling you the truth, OK? I’m not happy. I can’t sleep. I’m so angry, it’s insane. And I’m depressed. I cry every day.”

Halsey spoke for many when she tweeted, “I hope with my whole heart she is awarded freedom from this abusive system.”

June 23, 2021

In the wake of her rousing remarks, an army of celebrities — including Spears’ sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, her former “Mickey Mouse Club” costar Christina Aguilera and some of her exes, Justin Timberlake and Kevin Federline — have spoken out on her behalf.


“To be silenced, ignored, bullied or denied support by those ‘close’ to you is the most depleting, devastating and demeaning thing imaginable,” Aguilera tweeted this week.

“My heart goes out to Britney. She deserves all the TRUE love and support in the world.”