Glam Adele is anything but a ‘hot mess’ in new music video for ‘Oh My God’


Adele is back with another brooding music video. But, just like the song, this one likes to have fun (hmm, yeah-ah-ah).

It is her self-proclaimed “I’m a hot mess” anthem, after all.

The “Easy on Me” balladeer dropped the music video Wednesday for her bouncy follow-up single, “Oh My God,” bringing her powerhouse vocals, glam and continuous choreography, all in the Grammy winner’s signature monochromatic, “I’m just sitting here singing in a chair” style.


The video was directed by Sam Brown, who also shot the visual for her 2010 smash hit, “Rolling in the Deep.” It opens with a single apple perched on a wooden chair, then cinematographer Roman Vasyanov moves the camera across a sparsely propped soundstage in a quasi-continuous shot.

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Adele and Brown shot the video in October on the same day that Adele released “Easy on Me” and launched her long-awaited comeback ahead of her new breakup album, “30.”

“[T]o collaborate together again a decade later was nostalgic to say the least,” Adele wrote Wednesday on Twitter and Instagram. “We filmed this one on the day ‘Easy On Me’ dropped, there were a million things going on all at once. But the attention to detail from the crew was borderline hilarious.”

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“A million things going on at once” might as well have been the theme of the video, which pans from dual images of the British balladeer seated in couture gowns to backflipping dancers and a snake wrapping itself around a wooden chair. Snow White, Lady Godiva, Adam and Eve could have a lot to say about the mixed imagery.

“[T]hank you so much for your patience and pulling it all together it was a lot of fun,” she continued. “Although right at the end a huge python was on set so I skidaddled [sic] my arse straight out of there! Big thank you to Harris Reed, Louis Vuitton and The Queens Haus - Vivienne Westwood for the most stunning clothes for me to sing my ‘I’m a hot mess’ song in!”