Kanye West enlists Alex Jones to release his first new song amid latest controversies

Kanye West smiling in a black jacket
Kanye West has released a new song amid backlash to his recent behavior.
(Ashley Landis / Associated Press)

Amid ongoing backlash for his antisemitic behavior, Kanye West released his first new song since his empire began to crumble in recent months.

On Wednesday, the 45-year-old rapper, who now goes by Ye, shared the new tune on his Instagram and Facebook accounts. (His Twitter account remains suspended as of Wednesday evening.)

Disgraced conspiracy theorist Alex Jones also shared the song exclusively Wednesday on his InfoWars website with the note: “Ye sent this to Alex Jones and asked him to post it for the world to hear. Enjoy!”


In two separate Instagram posts — one video and one picture — West released clips of his song, which samples Donny Hathaway’s “Someday We’ll All Be Free.” (Fellow rapper and onetime West collaborator Jay-Z also sampled the 1973 song on his 2017 track “Legacy.”)

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The Instagram video features art of a man walking around a crater under a bright red sun (or moon), while the other post included the song’s lyrics.

Also titled “Someday We’ll All Be Free,” West’s new song makes several references to his faith and nods to his growing list of controversies. Earlier this year, the Grammy winner faced backlash for his antisemitic comments and his “White Lives Matter” attire at Paris Fashion Week.

“And no drip till Paris,” he raps.

“Tweeted deathcon / Now we past three,” he later says, a clear reference to the Twitter post that resulted in his suspension from the social media platform in October.

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West also raps, “I know it’s cause the headlines / why [you] wanna leave,” a possible nod to his divorce from reality TV star Kim Kardashian, with whom he shares four young children.

The tune tapers off by sampling West’s recent conversation with Jones, wherein the rapper praised Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.


“Can we just kind of say you like the uniforms, but that’s about it?” Jones asked West.

“There’s a lot of things that I love,” the rapper replied. Repeated and distorted, West’s response brings his new song to a close.

Unlike West’s previous projects, “Someday We’ll All Be Free” had a quiet release with little publicity and fanfare. As of Wednesday evening, it was not available on popular music platforms Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal.

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Before the new song, the rapper’s most recent single was “Hot S—” with Cardi B and Lil Durk, which dropped in June.

Since then, West has unleashed a tirade of antisemitic views on social media, news shows and podcasts. As a result, brands such as Adidas, Gap and Balenciaga have terminated their partnerships with the rapper. West was also dropped by agency CAA and record label Def Jam, among a number of other consequences.

“I lost my f— family. I lost my kids. I lost my best friend in fashion. I lost the Black community,” he said in a recent podcast interview with MIT research scientist Lex Fridman. “People said I lost my mind. ... I lost my reputation.”