‘Mindhunter’ Season 2: True crime with a social conscience

Times writers discuss the return of the Netflix drama “Mindhunter.”


While Netflix’s “Mindhunter” is based in a time when serial killers were shocking and terrifying Americans, the second season of David Fincher’s true-crime drama feels especially topical and relevant for our time.

With a primary focus on the Atlanta child murders — a series of killings, mostly of black children in and around the city between 1979 and 1981 — the show examines disturbingly contemporary topics like distrust of police, embedded racism and white supremacist violence.


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It also addresses questions of which crimes get investigated and which victims garner wide public sympathy.

The real-life Atlanta case was recently reopened because of continuing questions over whether the crimes were ever truly solved. While Wayne Williams was convicted of killing two adults —and is serving life in prison — he was never tried in the child homicides because of a lack of evidence.

“Mindhunter” also features portrayals of some of the most infamous serial killers in American history, including Charles Manson and David “Son of Sam” Berkowitz.

Mark Olsen (@IndieFocus) talks with Lorraine Ali (@LorraineAli) and Matt Brennan (@thefilmgoer).

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