Hollywood stars bid bitter farewell to Elizabeth Warren: ‘I am grieving’

Elizabeth Warren
Sen. Elizabeth Warren is out of the presidential race.
(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

It’s been a rough week for Sen. Elizabeth Warren fans, including her famous supporters.

Ashley Judd, Patton Oswalt, Rosanna Arquette and more Hollywood stars took to Twitter Thursday morning to bid farewell to their preferred presidential candidate, who dropped out of the race after a disappointing showing on Super Tuesday.

Still in the running for the Democratic nomination are former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

“At least I still have a dynamic field of cranky, septuagenarian dudes to choose from,” tweeted comedian Oswalt, referring to the remaining frontrunners, Biden, 77, and Sanders, 78.


Arquette also weighed in on Warren’s exit, doubling down on her loyalty to the Democratic party by adopting the “vote blue no matter who” mantra.

“I voted for Elizabeth Warren,” Arquette wrote, “and I will vote for the democratic candidate whomever that is.”

Judd was one of the first to react to the news, simply tweeting a defeated, “I am grieving.”

Celebrities began mourning the end of Warren’s campaign as early as Tuesday night as more primary election results rolled in, with most of the delegates going to Biden and Sanders.

Several boiled Warren’s losses down to sexism, arguing that the outcome would have been different if she were a man.

“We talk a lot about race, rightfully. We talk a lot about homophobia, rightfully,” tweeted comedian Billy Eichner, who has backed Warren throughout the election cycle. “But this country needs an equally vigorous conversation about its deeply ingrained misogyny. It is blindingly clear at this point - among Democrats, among Republicans, among everyone.”

Singer-songwriter Janelle Monáe took a similar stance, sharing a tweet from New York Times magazine writer Nikole Hannah-Jones that reads, “Do you think gender has something to do with why we have not had a woman president in the entire 250 years our country has existed? Just curious.”

Other big names who endorsed Warren include John Legend, Constance Wu, Sally Field and Jonathan Van Ness.


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