Sarah Cooper takes her wildly popular Trump impersonation to the DNC

Sarah Cooper
Sarah Cooper, author and comedian, appears at the fourth night of the Democratic National Convention.
(Democratic National Convention via Associated Press)

Believe it or not, President Trump was one of the many speakers at the fourth night of the Democratic National Convention. Well, sort of.

Comedian and TikTok sensation Sarah Cooper made a surprise appearance at Thursday’s event, delivering one of her famous lip-sync impersonations of Trump and urging Americans to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

“Where are they going? Where are these ballots going?” Cooper mouthed, parroting Trump’s unfounded conspiracy theories about mail-in voting. “Who’s getting them? Who is not getting them? ... Will they be taken from the mailmen and the mailwomen?”

To be clear: There is no evidence to suggest that mail-in ballots are an unreliable voting method, and Cooper made sure to debunk Trump’s rant in follow-up remarks encouraging everyone to exercise their civic duty safely amid the COVID-19 crisis.


Sarah Cooper, who became a sensation by lip-syncing to Donald Trump on Twitter and TikTok, is getting her first comedy special thanks to Netflix.

“Let me put this in my own words,” Cooper said, dropping her wide-eyed Trump act and speaking directly to viewers. “I’ve heard Donald Trump say some pretty unhinged things. I’ve heard them over and over and over again. But nothing is more dangerous to our democracy than his attacks on mail-in voting during a pandemic.

“Here’s the truth: Donald Trump doesn’t want any of us to vote because he knows he can’t win fair and square. So whether you plan to vote by mail or in person — wearing your mask — it is your vote, and it’s your right. Don’t let Donald Trump take that away from you.”

Cooper’s star has continued to rise in recent months as her popular videos mocking various Trump moments consistently pick up viral steam on social media.

Earlier this month, she filled in for Jimmy Kimmel as guest host of his hit late-night program. And later this year, she’ll make her Netflix debut with her recently announced comedy special, “Everything’s Fine,” featuring special guest interviews, sketches and more.

Other speakers at the final night of the DNC included host and actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sen. Cory Booker, American businessman Andrew Yang, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, California Gov. Gavin Newsom and, of course, former Vice President Joe Biden, who officially accepted the Democratic nomination for president.

Joe Biden accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination for president on the final night of the four-night, all-virtual DNC