The Hollywood sign put on a ‘cute’ colorful light show Tuesday night

A sign on a hill spells out the word 'Hollywood'
The Hollywood sign was last illuminated for New Year’s Eve in 2000.
(Reed Saxon / Associated Press)

For the first time in more than 20 years, the Hollywood sign lit up the night sky Tuesday.

Lucky onlookers who looked to the hills saw the famed sign flashing a variety of colorful designs, including a billowing rainbow, bright green, clear white and other displays. Guests at Halsey’s Hollywood Bowl concert were especially delighted about receiving an impromptu light show behind the “Without Me” singer.

“This has been an entertaining half-an-hour watching the Hollywood sign being lit up,” tweeted Jared Head.

“Hollywood sign looking cute tonight,” tweeted @fratti_natti.

The reason for the sudden light show wasn’t made public. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce did not respond immediately to The Times’ request for comment.

The iconic Hollywood sign, which was first constructed in 1923, hasn’t been lit since the 2000 New Year’s celebration.

Once upon a time, the sign was illuminated from 1923 to 1933 in an effort to help advertise the luxury Hollywoodland housing development (the sign read “Hollywoodland” at the time). By 1933, though, the sign was shut off because of the cost to maintain the light bulbs.

In the ensuing decades, the sign repeatedly fell into disrepair as it changed ownership multiple times. In 1944, the Sherman Company donated about 400 acres to the city of Los Angeles, which included the sign’s location. Five years later, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce agreed to fix the sign, removing the word “land” in the process.


That wasn’t the last time they’d need to intervene, however.

“The sign fell into such disrepair that by 1978 the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce stepped in again … [and] raised $250,000 to completely rebuild the sign. During that time, a new lighting infrastructure was not installed,” Jeff Zarrinnam, chair of the Hollywood Sign Trust, told The Times in May. ”That’s how it has remained ever since.”