Rage Against the Machine cancels tour after Zack de la Rocha suffers leg injury

A man with curly hair holding a microphone on a stage against a red background
Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine performs at the 2022 Festival d’été de Québec in Quebec City, Canada.
(Amy Harris / Invision/AP)

Rage Against the Machine has canceled the rest of its North American tour after singer Zack de la Rocha suffered a leg injury “that requires a lot of work and healing.”

In a statement, De la Rocha confirmed Tuesday that he sustained a “severe tear” in his left Achilles’ tendon. Though 8% of his tendon is still intact, “Even that portion was severely compromised,” the vocalist explained. The injury occurred in July while De la Rocha was onstage performing with the rap-rock band at Chicago’s United Center.

“It’s been almost three months since Chicago, and I still look down at my leg in disbelief,” De la Rocha said in his statement.

“Two years of waiting through the pandemic, hoping we would have an opening to be a band again and continue the work we started 30 some odd years ago. Rehearsing, training, reconciling, working our way back to form. Then one and a half shows into it and my tendon tears. Felt like a sick joke the universe played on me. As I write this I remind myself it’s just bad circumstances. Just a f— up moment.”


Reuniting for the first time in 11 years, Rage Against the Machine made clear its distaste for the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe vs. Wade.

July 11, 2022

A YouTube video from July shows the Rage Against the Machine frontman limping through a performance of “Bullet in the Head” after tearing his Achilles’ tendon. According to Consequence, De la Rocha repeatedly attempted to stand throughout the show but could not put any weight on his leg. After finishing the set while sitting on a monitor, De la Rocha was carried offstage by crew members.

“It’s not simply a question of being able to perform again, but extends to basic functionality going forward,” De La Rocha said Tuesday.

“I hate cancelling shows. I hate disappointing our fans. You have all waited so patiently to see us and that is never lost on me. I never take that for granted. For you I have the ultimate gratitude and respect.”

After initially canceling three weeks of tour dates in July, Shawn Mendes admitted he needed more time and has canceled the rest of the tour.

July 27, 2022

Fans who purchased tickets online to see Rage Against the Machine’s remaining shows in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, South Dakota, Missouri, Michigan and Canada via Ticketmaster or AXS will be automatically refunded within about 30 days. De la Rocha instructed those who paid in cash to “contact the box office directly.”


The North American tour cancellation comes months after Rage Against the Machine scrapped the European leg of its tour due to De la Rocha’s injury.

De la Rocha ended his statement with a shout-out to his bandmates (Tim Commerford, Brad Wilk and Tom Morello), the group’s opening act (Run the Jewels) and “everyone on our production team.”

Rage Against the Machine’s fiery legacy

Nov. 26, 2012

“To anyone and everyone who made the shows thus far possible, all my love and respect,” he wrote. “I hope to see you very soon.”

While touring the United States this summer, Rage Against the Machine used its platform to protest the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe vs. Wade with the rallying cry “Abort the Supreme Court.”

“Forced birth in a country that is the only wealthy country in the world without any guaranteed paid parental leave at the national level,” read a message that appeared onscreen during the band’s July concert at Wisconsin’s Alpine Valley Music Theatre.

“Forced birth in a country where Black birth-givers experience maternal mortality two to three times higher than that of white birth-givers. Forced birth in a country where gun violence is the number one cause of death among children and teenagers.”