Megan Thee Stallion is serving hot girl chef with her Flamin’ Hot Cheetos fried pickles

Megan Thee Stallion performs in a black catsuit and heels with balls of flame behind her.
Megan Thee Stallion, never far from a literal or metaphorical flame, has shared a recipe for spicy, cheesy fried pickles. She‘d like her own cooking show, please.
(Chris Pizzello / Invision / Associated Press)

“Hot Girl Summer” rapper Megan Thee Stallion is cookin’ up more than fiery hits: She shared her flamin’ fried pickles recipe in a video on Instagram over the weekend, and the spicy snack looks hot, hot, hot.

“Get your favorite flavor of Hot Cheetos, obviously some pickles, some eggs, a big a— thing of flour and cheese,” Megan says. “I like pepper jack cheese, me personally, I just want my mouth to be on fire when I eat, so that’s the cheese I use.” In the video, Megan reaches for a bag of Cheetos Crunchy Flamin’ Hot Limon.

Richard Montañez has for years told a story of how he dreamed up Flamin’ Hot Cheetos while working as a Frito-Lay janitor. The archival record, former employees and Frito-Lay itself say otherwise.

May 16, 2021

Megan’s directions:

“Get a m— spoon out yo’ kitchen and beat this bag up.” (Do this until the Cheetos are crushed into tiny crumbs, about the size of panko or standard breadcrumbs.)


“So then what you’re going to do is whip your eggs like so,” Megan says as she whisks a bowl of eggs with a fork until blended.

“This is like a cornstarch,” she says, pointing to a small dish. “I’m chopping up some little T-shirts for my pickles, I hope it’s the right size.” By T-shirts, she means she’s cutting small squares of cheese to layer over her pickles.

“So then you dip it in the egg, you dip it in the flour and you dip it in the seasoning from earlier,” she continues, before trimming the cheese a tad to better fit the pickle. “So after that you want to dip this s— back in the egg, dip that s— back in some flour, and you’re going to cover my boy [with the cheese square] and then the m— hot Cheeto dust, damn.

“Then you’re gonna drop my boy in the skillet or the pot or the grease,” she says as she plops the pickle into the hot oil. “Back up. Don’t burn yourself!

“I know it’s real hot girl s—, but it ain’t real scorch girl s—,” she adds. Safety first.

“Look how cute that is,” she says as she admires her Flamin’ Hot Cheeto fried pickle before plating it in a tiny single-serve appetizer boat. “That’s like nuggets. I’m really a top chef.”

The “Savage” rapper wraps up her cooking tutorial by saying she doesn’t know who’s going to give her a cooking show, but she needs one.


This isn’t Megan’s first foray into the food industry. In March 2022, to coincide with the release of her single “Sweetest Pie,” Megan partnered with the nationwide delivery service Goldbelly to release her own dessert, Megan’s H-Town Hottie Pie — a “rich and gooey” pie packed with pretzels, coconut, pecans and butterscotch chips.

“With a hint of salt and a whole lot of sugar, it’s like your favorite bakery took a trip to the candy aisle,” the company said.